Faith is what counts. Mark 6-10

pexels-photo-576926.jpegAs is turns out, our faith is a pretty big deal. Faith is what made so many people well when Jesus walked among us. You may think Jesus healed people…and you’re right. But the language that sticks out to me in the first half of Mark is how often Jesus says “Your faith has made you well.”

Your faith matters.

Jesus left his home town because of a lack of faith. The people simply didn’t believe. So He left. Do we believe? Do we? Sure, the bible has some comforting verses and Jesus seems like a nice guy…but do we honestly believe that Jesus is the Son of God and painfully left this earth for our sins, rose from death and is coming back? If we don’t believe this, truly believe, after reading Mark, I’m wondering if our lives appear empty and hopeless simply because we have a lack of faith.  Do I believe that Jesus is going to answer every prayer the way we want? No. He’s not a butler. Do I believe that Jesus may be silent in our lives because of our lack of faith? Absolutely. Don’t believe me? Read Mark.

How many times does Jesus need to predict His death before his best friends hear him? Why are they missing this? I can feel the shock and fear brewing in their hearts when Jesus is killed in these next few chapters to come. They should have all been waiting by that tomb because they already knew that Jesus was about to blast that grave wide open. Were they there?

Jesus is telling them about the most terrifying moments of His life to come and what do the apostles want to know? “Huh. That’s weird about the torture and dying thing, Jesus, but when you get up there, can I sit next you in glory?” It is a wonder that Jesus didn’t just take off to heaven and leave us all stranded down here then and there.

It is so easy in this Christian walk to forget about the omnipotent God. The God who raises dead girls to walk. The God who makes the blind see. The God who died and rose for us…the doubters, the selfish narcissists that we are. We forget Him and really we just want all this life to be easier on us. Jesus loves us. Surely he’ll make it easy on us. I mean He came all this way…

Ten chapters into Mark and I can tell you: Your faith matters. Your lack of faith will stunt you and trip you up. And the more you desire and chase after your own comforts in this world the more your life will dry up into nothing of value. Jesus is so much the opposite of our inclinations. Suffer more. Be a servant. Become less. Forget your earthly wealth and desires. Have big faith. Believe in the impossible.

Can I do this? Can we do this?

If you would like to read through the New Testament with me this year follow this link to get a free bible reading calendar. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!