The Demons Daring to Believe: Mark 5

pexels-photo-226611.jpegDozens of movies out there reference a character in Mark 5, and it isn’t Jesus. Legion has some Hollywood creds… almost as many as Jesus Himself. I’ve seen at least three Hollywood thrillers that feature a demonic posssesion by Legion. The description of the possessed man in this chapter does give one the willies. While possessed by Legion this poor guy develops superman type strength with the anger management of Hulk. He’s able to break chains off his arms and legs and no one can contain him…; he’s not someone you’d want to meet in an alley. Legion didn’t fear much…except Jesus, the one who rid the world of him by way of pigs.

Mark 5, while rich in miraculous works, leaves me wondering exactly how much does our faith matter when we expect big things from God. The bleeding woman was healed because of her faith. Jarius’ daughter opened her eyes from death after Jesus encouragement to Jarius to simply believe.
“Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Jesus said to a man whose child was dying…now dead.

Do I trust that Jesus can do big things? Do I? Do I have the faith to push against the crowd and fight my way to the Savior simply to touch the hem of His clothes… because that’s all I need?

I don’t think I do. I know I couldn’t handle someone telling me not to fear if something was wrong with my child.

I have a lot to learn and a bigger faith to nurture.