Is Blood Thicker Than Water? Mark 2 and 3

pexels-photo-792081.jpegJesus’ work was spiritual transformation. Yet everyone around Him kept pointing to earthly needs, laws, and traditions. Jesus’ priority was the spirit. Is ours? Are our churches cozy couches of tradition or are they feast halls full of the broken? Maybe our prayers for healing should be more about healing our sin lives instead of appeasing our physical needs and comfort levels.

Jesus physical healings drew crowds. BIG crowds. Again, we see people get pumped when their lives get better. Friends did crazy things, property destroying things, to get friends in to see the Healer (verse 4).

People followed Him for the magic. The teachers of religion followed Him wondering what the hype was. The Pharisees followed Jesus looking for mistakes. Did anyone follow him for spiritual healing?

In Mark 2 we see Jesus rebel against traditions of fasting and Sabbath. Jesus points to good that could be done instead of pious ritual. In Mark 3, we see that even Jesus’ family begins to question his sanity. I wonder if His family ever questioned his sanctity as well?

Jesus mission was clear. His mission was to do good regardless of what OUR earthly expectations are. His mission is to do what is right regardless of what family expected. His mission was to spiritually revive the world left to practice an impossible law book under the watchful eyes of hypocritical law keepers. Rebel Savior. His blood changed and challenged religion and challenges our relationships today. Who do we choose? Who do we listen to? Are we seeking the Spirit and rebelliously living separate from the world’s expectations?