teddy-teddy-bear-association-ill-42230.jpegA dark restless evil lurks
waiting to destroy.
It will obliterate and maim
every good girl and boy.
It attacks so gently
like pink flowers at spring.
Yet wields a weapon so great
twill make your ears ring.
You plead for mercy.
You put up a good fight.
You cling to your tissues,
and beg for your life.
But the tiny little monster
has you drowning in snot.
And you can’t breathe.
You can’t see,
you simply cannot.
Your nose runs red;
Your ears full of cotton.
Your lashes mat together.
All joy is forgotten.
Just when you’re sure
you’re done for and dead.
The vicious fiend comes back
to take your entire head.
“Pollen, you kill-joy,
you evil foul beast!
You can’t have my last breath,
I’m not done in the least!
I’ll fight you with Mucinex
and Flonase and such.
You can’t win this Rx battle
when I take THIS much!”
Finally, though it feels like
I’m drunk under water.
At last I can breathe
and see the effects of the slaughter.
“Pollen, you menace,
you nearly took me out!
But I triumphed in the end
with an antihistamine stout.”
Then slithering off
like a rascal, a coward.
Pollen turned back, waved,
and simply glowered.
“I’ll see you again,”
it said with a snicker.
“We’ve got a date
the season after next winter.”

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